LKS the brand was established in early 2019, and started off as a handmade swimwear business. When I would be going on holiday, I always struggled getting pieces that would  fit my bust, waist and hips all perfectly, it was impossible. After speaking to other people about my struggle, I soon realised that this was a big problem and there is no ‘standard size/body shape.’

I wanted to solve my own problem, and help anyone else that shared my struggle, everybody should be able to have pieces that fit them perfect all over and have them feeling their most confident.

 But….. I didn’t know how to sew, so this felt like it could only be a dream of mine. I spoke to my partner about this idea/dream of mine and he told me lets go and buy a sewing machine and put your mind to it and you can do it, and that was ALL I needed to hear.

So that’s what we did, and after months of learning and practicing I felt ready to release my swimwear. This was an amazing chapter for me where I learnt so much with regards to sewing and creating garments, but also I learnt a lot about advertising, selling and the business side of things. I’m so thankful to my clients who believed in and trusted in me when I first started up.

Then when lockdown hit, I understood I needed to make a long term plan. I LOVE fashion and had so many ideas for clothing designs, and I now now also had the skills to bring them to life, so I started learning to make patterns and create clothing.

 As soon as I started working on my clothing brand I found my calling in life and the market I want to continue to grow in, and I haven’t looked back since

 Although some may think it would be easier and cheaper to purchase ready-made stock from factories abroad, running a 100% handmade business is something I am really proud of.

 Along with many other benefits, being 100% handmade means I’m able to ensure the highest level of quality in all aspects of my business. Being handmade also means all my pieces are fully customisable and can be made to measure, as I understand that every single body is different.

 Due to the INCREASING amount of textile waste that is disposed in landfills, I want to ensure I am as efficient as possible and not adding to this scary number. Therefore, every single piece is made to order, I don’t order bulks of fabric, minimising my waste. The order process with me is as follows:



  • You place your order, I work out the amount of fabric needed to create your piece, and order the fabric from my supplier
  • The fabric arrives, I cut the fabric to the pattern and size of your choice
  • I sew and construct the piece that you have ordered
  • Your item is then shipped within the timeframe that you selected at checkout